Quickstart Guide

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Accessing the web interface


OpenProximity has a web interface for configuring and campaign management. It is on port 80 by default. You can create an icon on your desktop pointing to the machine that runs the OpenProximity server.

If you're using OpenProximity 2.0 on your ServerXR, then you will need to point your favorite web browser and point it to your server ip. Like in this example:


You will see the OpenProximity start page. Using AJAX it shows life server message on the right under "Server Log". Pay attention to the "Known Dongles". This is where you will now configure the Bluetooth radios for scanning and uploading files.


Configuring Bluetooth radios


Assuming you only have one AIRcable Host XR on your system. When you plug the AIRcable into your machine you will immediately recognize the startpage to change without having to reload the page. Click on "Configure" to enable the available Bluetooth radio.


OpenProximity Management


Now your OpenProximity machine is ready for the first campaign. We start by clicking on "Admin Site" in the tool bar. The system will show you the login screen, by default user name is admin and password is aircable

Adding a campaign


Once logged in you see all possible actions for OpenProximity. We just create a simple campaign which will always run. The minimum you need to specify is: adding a campaign. Then on the following campaign management screen, give your campaign a name (MyFirstCampaign), enable it with the check box and upload your campaign file.


Finished, see statistics

You have successfully started OpenProximity for Bluetooth Proximity Marketing. You have configured the Bluetooth radio and uploaded the first campaign.

Now point your browser back to the main page, e.g. http://localhost/
And watch the life events and the statistics of your system.


There are many more options to manage campaign. Help us to create more help and document pages to show what is all possible.C

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