Translate How To

This is a fast guide to help us translate OpenProximity, please take into account that this is still a work in progress, and we might make it even easier in the future.

Since our first beta version Rosetta is included so translations are easy to make. If you need to translate a language which is not yet listed, then you firstly need to do:

cd /opt/openproximity2
sudo bash makemessages -l <code>

Where <code> is an ISO 639-1 language code

After that's done you can click on translate and help us make OpenProximity available on your language. If you want to see the result of the translation then you will have to restart the server, which right now is only possible by rebooting the computer.

Once you're done with translations click on download this translation (from the Rosetta GUI) create a new at our google code site and we will be glad to include it in our next release. Make sure the issue name is *<code> Translation* so we take a look sooner.

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