Get a system with OpenProximity inside.

Wireless Cables Inc. aka AIRcable sells a few systems with OpenProximity inside. By buying any of this products you're contributing to OpenProximity and helping us keep our work.

The products you can get are:

  • ServerXR: This is a stand alone box you can deploy anywhere, you give electric power to it, and you're running.
  • MobileServerXR: The ServerXR is a bit unfriendly, if you want something that looks nicer and can be used as starting kit, then the MobileServerXR is your product, you get a netbook, one host xr, and openproximity pre-installed.
  • Bootable USB Flash Drive: if you all ready have a computer then you can adquire this USB drive with OP inside, you just reboot your computer and are done.
  • Bootable USB + Host XR: This is like the previous system but with a HostXR.

We also have a VMware version available, this version is provided for free and as is. You can get it here

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