OpenProximity's is a feature rich Bluetooth Proximity Marketing software system. Its feature list is growing every day thanks to the open source nature of the project. Anyone can collaborate and help making it better. OpenProximity is developing very quickly.

OpenProximity software development was started by the AIRcable.net employees, who make long range Bluetooth devices. We use our understanding how Bluetooth works to make this software system.

Here is a list of high level features we have implemented in OpenProximity (and why):

  • Linux based, very robust and no licensing fees for the OS
  • no software license fees
  • multiple Bluetooth radios for more simultaneous connections at a time

(send over 25,000 messages per hour, 15 radios * 7 connections / 15 seconds/connection)

  • independent scanning from uploading
  • multi threaded: Allows to upload to more than one device at the same time
  • modular architecture, allows enhancements and add-ons
  • web based campaign management


  • Time Filters: allows you to choose when to start and when to end campaigns.
  • Lottery function: Allows to send a file to X amount of people based on a "probability" chance.
  • Name and Address filters: Allows to send campaigns to those who you really want.


  • Pluggable application: Write your own plugin or get it from the web and modify OpenProximity functionality completely without breaking compatibility.


  • shopping malls, supermarkets
  • restaurants
  • trade fair, conferences
  • real estate advertisement
  • entertainment center, bars
  • concerts
  • sports arena and games
  • airport, train station
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