Mailing List

Community support is available too, the main resource for it is the google group site, which you can register from the web. There's plenty of people willing to help you out.

Online Chat

An IRC channel is available at point your IRC client to #openproximity2, if you don't have an IRC client then click here

Remote Support

Remote Support is available provided by some community users, they may or may not charge you, depends on how many times you need help, and who you get. The way to get support requires to install a package into your OpenProximity box, this package is included by default since OpenProximity rc2:

sudo apt-get install openproximity-remotesupport

Then you have to restart your OpenProximity box:

sudo reboot

Once you have done this point your browser to your OpenProximity box IP, select remote support from the plugins list. Now you will need to ask for support in our IRC channel, if you don't have an IRC client then click on the Chat Online button in the Remote Control page.

You will be guided from there.

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