Brain Storm

On this page you will find a few ideas the devel team is working on.

Here we expose how we think it should be solved, the order in the ideas doesn't mean priority at all

Multinode setup

Scenario description

Suppose a shopping mall, a concert or a football match. You have many people and you want to send the data to them quickly, but you don't want to send it more than once if they accepted. This needs to have a node to take control over the rest.

Possible solution

OP could have defined zones where each zone can have several scanner and uploaders dongle (each zone would be a server node) this nodes communicate to the main server over rpc (remotely). The user would have to defines this zones and forget about the rest.

When a remote node is found on a certain zone then the main server will send a signal to the uploaders in that zone to make the upload.


  • Make as plugin
  • Allow to set location of dongles
  • Allow zone statistics
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